Saturday, December 21, 2013

Does One Reality Show Matter?

As the Duck Dynasty, A&E, Glaad drama continues to unfold I've been seeing a lot of people asking, what with all the other things going on, why does this matter?

I've come to the conclusion that the outrage over the Phil Robertson suspension goes way deeper than a TV reality show. What it's really about is pent up anger of Americans who are tired of being ignored.
For several years the government has excelled at ignoring the objections of the people.

For instance take Obamacare,please, since the law was enacted polls have consistently shown a majority of Americans wanted it repealed. Since the dysfunctional website has gone live the numbers against Obamacare has really spiked upward and still the democrats and Obama have continued to support it even as it begins to collapse under it's own weight. Obama and the dems have begun frantically to change the law as it nears it's dead line sending the health insurance industry into chaos. The damage to the health care system will be catastrophic and it all could have been avoided if the ACA was repealed and replaced with common sense legislation.
But it wasn't and now we'll all suffer the consequences because we were ignored

Government continues to spend out of control and a vast majority of Americans believe big government is our greatest threat. Yet Obama and the dems continue to rack up huge deficits in spite of Americans telling them to reign it in.

In every state that "gay marriage" was placed on a ballot it failed despite the velvet mafia pulling poll numbers out of their ass claiming that a majority of Americans approved of "gay marriage". Again the will of the people was ignored as the homosexual activists bypassed the public and went straight to the state legislatures or the courts. Enabling government to again defy the will of the public.

We've gotten to the point that once government gets involved in a situation then we know that there is a certain futility to any efforts be it protests or petitions to sway the outcome.
Which is why the Chick-fil-a protest and hopefully the Duck Dynasty one will prevail. Because these protests depend on free market pressures as opposed to going up against an intransigent government entity.

Government has become a criminal cabal that answers to no one but private businesses have to answer to their customers and that is something that we can control.
If we can take back a little bit in the culture war then special interest lobbyists may lose some of their grip on our politicians and they just may start listening.

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