Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jesse Jackson's Getting Old

Either that or the race baiting business must be busy this season. It took him long enough to jump on this bandwagon.

Jesse Jackson: Phil Robertson ‘More Offensive’ Than Rosa Parks Bus Driver
Jesse Jackson has decided to weigh in on the inflammatory comments that Phil Robertson made to GQ about gays and African Americans.
In an interview with Drew Magary, the “Duck Dynasty” star said the Nazis needed Jesus, that he never saw the mistreatment of African Americans while growing up in Louisiana before the civil rights era and that homosexuality was a sin.
A&E has already suspended Robertson, but Reverend Jackson, his Rainbow PUSH Coalition and GLAAD are demanding to meet with network execs, along with Cracker Barrel’s CEO, to discuss the future of all “Duck Dynasty” memorabilia or content.
“These statements uttered by Robertson are more offensive than the bus driver in Montgomery, Alabama, more than 59 years ago,” Jackson said in a statement obtained by ABC News.
“At least the bus driver, who ordered Rosa Parks to surrender her seat to a white person, was following state law. Robertson’s statements were uttered freely and openly without cover of the law, within a context of what he seemed to believe was ‘white privilege.’”
The release, dated Dec. 23, requests a meeting within 72 hours with A&E and Cracker Barrel execs and urges the network to uphold Robertson’s suspension.
Jackson and GLAAD said they believe it’s not right for a personality with such a large platform to benefit from such comments.~snip~
There isn't a thing Phil Robertson said that I can disagree with. I mean if Germany had more Jesus there might never had been Nazi's. I also grew up during pre-civil rights and I can honestly say I never saw anyone of color mistreated, also when I was raised we went to church and learned that homosexuality is a sin. Sin don't change with the culture.
Like I've said previously, this is more than just some silly reality show, if the American people allow this then it will be open season for any little fringe group in this country to dictate what we can think and what we can say.
If you want to support Phil then spread the word.

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