Sunday, December 1, 2013

The "Marrying" Kind?

Depending on who you ask this is Charlie Manson's fiance Star.  A name he thought of himself.

Charles Manson, 79, to marry girlfriend ‘Star,’ 25? She says yes; he says ‘garbage’

She denies knowing about his crimes before she became involved with him which wouldn't really surprise me since a lot of the younger generation don't even have a handle on current events but I digress.
Apparently it isn't unusual for some women to be drawn to notorious murderers. I mean even Ted Bundy got married behind bars and he didn't exactly do well with the fairer sex.

I honestly don't know what to think about this kind of stuff, I mean we live in a free country and regardless of the reasons, people have a right to waste time with human refuse.
But by the same token we have a right to point and laugh at their absurdity.
So enjoy the video for what it is and take comfort in the thought that no matter how messed up your life may seem to be that at least you're not in love with Charlie Manson.

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