Thursday, June 5, 2014

From 'Naked and Afraid' to 'Naked and Giving Birth'

I suppose that this is the next logical progression in reality TV.

A reality show too far? New U.S. series films women giving BIRTH in the wild with no help from doctors
A new reality show announced by Lifetime on Wednesday will follow young parents who forego not only hospitals during the birthing process, but also any shelter at all.
Born in the Wild will portray the men and women who decide that giving birth surrounded by only the beauty and serenity of nature and away from any doctors or modern interventions is the way to go.
Inspired by the huge popularity of a YouTube video that shows a woman giving birth in a tropical creek, some critics say such a show could kick off a dangerous trend that will endanger mothers and their babies alike.~snip~
The video that inspired this can be found here if you want to watch it.  A lot of the comments state that that's how it's been done for millions of years and all and that's true. But if you really want to do the back to nature thing then the right way to do it is to make sure there are the proper number of predators hanging around ready to snatch an easy meal while everyone's vulnerable. Cause that's the way it was for millions of years also.
I guess I can understand the backlash against the medical community who during the 50's and 60's would render women unconscious to give birth and even now some doctors who try to schedule births through induction or cesarean for convenience. But sometimes it seems that it's gone a little to far.

Personally I don't see this as "must see TV".

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