Saturday, June 21, 2014

Picture of the Month

From the NYPost.
For anyone who has been following the disgrace that is the IRS this picture puts into one image the arrogance and disdain the Obama administration has for the American people.
I could go into the whole "missing emails" and destroyed hard drive thing but at this point "what difference does it make"?
Voting out democrats does very little to eliminate the liberal/commie threat to the country basically because the civil service has been hiring lickspittle little liberals for decades. I got a position in the 70's in civil service because I was going to school and the agency I worked for was infested with Jimmy Carter worshippers who were,and still are, proud liberals.
They were more than happy to tell you so. They're smug and arrogant because they know that no matter what the public sector unions have their backs.
If we want real change the purge will have to go deep into government agencies to replace the partisan hack employees with people who can do their jobs in a fair and neutral manner.

Breaking the public sector unions is crucial to restoring a fair and accountable government.

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