Monday, June 30, 2014

Today at the SCOTUS

Couple of rulings that push back at government intruding into our lives.
This first one is of course a misleading headline. In spite of all the leftwing hyperventilating the SCOTUS didn't rule against birth control, just who is required to pay for it.


Commie/liberals are all about "stay out of our bedrooms!!!" until money is involved. Then it's all about charging everybody else to pay for their "privacy".

Here's another instance of government trying to make someone else pay for commie/liberal speech and losing.

Illinois mom elated after defeating powerful union in Supreme Court

Democrats are the ones who benefit from coerced union dues and they are greedy enough to find ways to intrude into people's homes to fatten their wallets.

While neither of these rulings went far enough they are the beginnings of some pushback against an out of control government inserting itself ever father into our lives.

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