Monday, June 23, 2014

Great Theatre, Still no Accountability

There are people out there that are cheering on the supposed "spanking" that some of the republicans are giving the IRS. You can find some of it here via Twitchy.

‘Just nailed Koskinen to the wall’: Trey Gowdy brings the heat to IRS hearing [video]

When you get right down to it though all you basically have is theatre put on by the republicans. Let's face it, all their posturing and so-called slam dunk questioning in any hearing has resulted in absolutely no accountability by Obama, his administration or the democrats.
 Everyones getting whipped up over what is essentially a toothless congress whose republican members hold the same view as the RNC does of grass roots Tea party organizations.

Maybe there's some merit to collecting sound bites for the next 2 election cycles so that republicans can use them against democrats but the lickspittle media will do their best to minimise then and relegate them to conspiracy theories.

You really want to cheer this empty display on then go to it.
As for me...wake me when they actually indict someone for their criminal and illegal actions.
Until then it's just smoke.

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