Monday, June 9, 2014

Koch Derangement Syndrome

File this under no good deed goes unpunished.

Leftists RAGE After United Negro College Fund Accepts $25 Million From Koch Brothers
Now that the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) has accepted a $25 million donation from Charles and David Koch, at least one Ivy League professor is worried sick and a bunch of leftists have taken to Twitter to express their rage.
The donation, by Koch Industries Inc. and the Charles Koch Foundation, was announced on Friday. It will be split between $18.5 million for a new Koch Scholars Program supporting nearly 3,000 individual scholarships and $6.5 million for general support to the UNCF and historically black colleges.
Marybeth Gasman, a higher education professor at the University of Pennsylvania claimed that the UNCF – a charitable organization dedicated to helping black people get college degrees – is “wrong” to accept this particular $25 million to help black people get college degrees, according to Inside Higher Ed.
Gasman bellowed that Koch organizations have been “deeply affiliated with the Tea Party.” She alleges that Tea Party leaders want to weaken the political interests of black Americans.
“There is too much at stake to take money from them,” Gasman told Inside Higher Ed. “I feel like the UNCF is getting into the position of being a puppet.”
She is also agonized that the $25 million donation will put the Koch brothers in a positive light.~snip~
It seems the prevailing wisdom of progressive/leftists is that the Koch brothers are basically evil incarnate. Unfortunately a charitable donation flies in the face of their conventional wisdom and that makes them hate them.

What gets to me about this is the reasons they give for the Koch brothers being such evil and diabolical entities. The way leftists go on you would think that these guys steal candy from babies and drown puppies but I can't verify that. It seems that they are evil and diabolical because they support candidates that they identify with and believe in free markets. Provide thousands of jobs and make their stockholders happy.
They also engage in charitable giving.
Not exactly luciferian stuff but because the left believes they are evil and diabolical their money is no good.
I wonder how the progressive/leftists would feel if they gave millions to Greenpeace or Planned Parenthood or to save trees or any other useless progressive/leftist cause.
Would their money still be no good?

Let the progressive/leftists whine while deserving individuals are given a hand up off the liberal/progressive plantation. But then again that is exactly what progressive/leftists are really afraid of.

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