Friday, December 19, 2014

Democrats in Republican Clothing

Just because a candidate has an "R" beside his name doesn't necessarily mean he's going to vote to change things in Washington.

Conservatives Lambaste 20 GOP Senators Who Voted for Amnesty
( – There is a growing backlash against 20 Senate Republicans who less than a month ago publicly stated that  President Obama’s executive amnesty was unconstitutional, only to turn around and vote in favor of funding it last week, conservative leaders say.
“This was easy. All of them said they were against amnesty. All they had to do was press a button,” Ken Cuccinelli, president of the Senate Conservatives Fund, told
“For them to roll over so close to an election in which Obamacare, executive amnesty, and Obama’s massive and lawless expansion of presidential power were the top three issues is pretty amazing.”
Cuccinelli said he is “shocked” that 20 Senate Republicans “defected from the Constitution, defected from the Founding Fathers,” noting that the grassroots is indignant over what it correctly views as a betrayal of conservative principles.
“We just had a judge yesterday reconfirm that what the president did was unconstitutional. There’s no good excuse for what they did, which was to vote completely contrary to their own recent remarks,” Cuccinelli added. “This is beyond any reasonable understanding, unless they did not really believe what they were saying.”~snip~
Polls have consistently shown that the  American people are opposed to Obamacare,Amnesty and Obama's abuse of power by clear majorities and yet even when we elect representatives to oppose these, and other things, the RINOs side with the oppressors.

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