Monday, December 8, 2014

Why Democrats Really Lost the South

The staggering lack of self awareness that liberal/democrat progressives have is almost comical.
That's the only thing I could think about as I read this article by some historically clueless hack at The Daily Beast who is totally butt hurt by the trouncing that the dems suffered in the south.

Dems, It’s Time to Dump Dixie

I guess it doesn't occur to him that he's a little late because Dixie pretty much dumped the democrats.

It's kind of funny because the democrat party held the south for decades because liberal/democrat/progressives were racist. At least that is who they pandered to during the 60's and 70's to hold power in the south.
As long as southern constituents bought into the segregationist policies of Orval Faubus (D) and George Wallace (D) the democrats had no problem with racism as long as they could hold power in the south.

As much as the democrats deny it in this century the south has moved away from the racism that is  encouraged by the democrats and have started to move beyond the racism of liberals seeing them for the party of division that they really are.

The democrat parties only platform anymore seems to be constantly trying to divide everyone by race,sex,sexual preferences and income and people all across the nation, including the south, are getting wise to their tactics and rejecting the party of division.

So go right ahead progressives and dump everyone who's gotten wise to your politics of division.

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