Friday, December 26, 2014

Wussy Nation?...Um No

Leave it to USA Today to see things through progressive/liberal rose colored glasses.

Wussy nation: Our view
From Ebola, to university controversies, to North Korea, why are so many so scared?
America has much to be cocky about. It invented large-scale democracy and nurtured its growth around the world. It vanquished fascism and communism, became the world's only superpower. And its entrepreneur-driven economy is again the envy of the world.
The nation has also long had more than its share of heroes — people such as Louis Zamperini, whose amazing story of survival during World War II is the subject of the best-selling book, and new movie, Unbroken.
Yet to look around the USA is to see fear and anxiety. If you didn't know better, you'd think this was a nation of wimps.~snip~
Self awareness don't exist for the biased media seeing as how they're the purveyors of rampant wussification.
I got to give them the Ebola thing though I mean the nation as whole was a little nervous about that but only because it was the government assuring us that,"they had it under control".
Who can blame us?
Everyone knows that pretty much all government agencies are run by leftist/progressive "social justice"warriors and have already shown their incompetence by misplacing dangerous viruses.
Not exactly the way to inspire confidence.

Then there is the question of universities and their "fear" of offending someone.
Universities are cesspools of liberal/progressive ism so it shouldn't be any surprise that they're no free speech zones. Progressive/liberals are the ones that are afraid of free speech on universities, not the nation.

Then there's the folding like a cheap suit Sony did after their servers were hacked and someone spilled the beans on what racist gossiping little people that Hollywood liberals really are.
They're not even sure that the North Koreans were involved so all the noise about "the Interview" basically hyped a crappy movie that most likely would have flopped without it.
Also for the record the nation wasn't a wussy about it, most people wanted it released.
It was the liberal infested studio that tried to cancel it because...who knows.

The point is is USA Today's view is pretty skewed

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