Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lower Gas Prices? Hang on to your Wallet

So here we are finally enjoying lower fuel prices for our cars and trucks. Savings for everyone right?
So of course the leftists are in a "raise the gas tax mode".

The gas tax has been fixed at 18 cents for two decades. Now would be a great time to raise it
Nationally averaged gas prices ticked down a little lower today -- yet again -- to $2.75 per gallon. They're now more than 50 cents lower than they were a year ago. So no wonder, at a time like this, the murmur is growing: Maybe Congress ought to think about raising the national gasoline tax.
It was last raised, in the year 1993, to 18.4 cents per gallon. That's over 20 years ago, and gas prices at the time were close to the now unimaginable $1.00 per gallon mark. Yet the amount of the gas tax was fixed and not tied to inflation -- so it has not changed since. (U.S. states also charge gasoline taxes; the national average is about 23.5 cents.)
"It’s been a generation since gas taxes were increased at all," says Paul Bledsoe, a senior fellow on energy at the German Marshall Fund. "So they are incredibly low by historic levels."~snip~
Because we all know what great stewards of our tax money the government is. These guys can't even wait for people to enjoy the benefits of spending less on gasoline before they're calling for a rise in revenue for the Highway Trust Fund.
You can also guess about the scheming going on in the blue states.
California is trying to regulate the sale of gas with cap and trade.

California Attempts to Regulate the Sale of Gas Under Cap-and-Trade

So it looks like we'll have a choice, if market forces don't turn the price of fuel around then the government will be more than willing to do it on its own.
Ain't we lucky to have them look out for us by raising the shit out of our taxes in one way or the other?

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