Friday, November 2, 2012

A Simple Choice

I gotta tell you that reading the polls and various prognostications on who will win this election befuddles the hell out of me.
After watching more and more people lose their jobs, the price of gas and groceries go up, the Obama administrations exploitation of our warriors and then the abandonment of our ambassador and brave citizens in Benghazi, how could this election possibly be close?
In 2007, during Obama's campaign, I saw people posting all over the internet about how John McCain would be just another G.W. Bush and anyone would be better than that.
Well we've had near four years of "anyone but Bush" and are paying the price of expediency over reason.

So the question Ronald Reagan posed during his final debate against Jimmy Carter in 1980 has come full circle to echo among voters now.

Come next Tuesday vote responsibly and end this national nightmare.

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