Thursday, November 29, 2012

Maintaining the Gravy Train

You know every time I hear the lapdog/commie/idiot/parrots of the main stream media talk about how much educators "care" about our kids I throw up a little.
The current crop of commie leftists have no intention of allowing our kids to be educated.

Louisiana's school voucher system under fire as state judge weighs its fate

The legal battle over Louisiana’s controversial school voucher program is getting its day in court.
Judge Tim Kelly began hearing arguments Wednesday in a state district court in Baton Rouge on whether the vouchers -- and how they’re paid for – are constitutional.
The complicated issue was thrust into the national spotlight after Louisiana enacted what some experts say is the most comprehensive education reforms in the country.
Louisiana lawmakers created the “Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program” earlier this year, with backing from Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal.
The legislation paved the way for qualifying families to use taxpayer dollars for private school tuition.
Every time a state or city tries to free their children from the incessant propaganda of the leftist tools in our education system their unions use the dues paid by educators to scrape up some bottom feeding lawyers to challenge it.
They can't get over the hold they have on our children's minds and if you don't think it matters then reflect about the number of morons that chose Obama over their civic responsibility to elect someone who would uphold the constitution.
We have whole generations now who have been taught that the road to prosperity is through robbing others and enlarging government.

Want to take back our freedoms?
Liberate our children from government schools.

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