Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Chick-fil-a Effect

I believe the liberal, commie, Obama loving media is in denial about how much ordinary Americans are sick and tired of them telling lies or omitting truth.
Just like they were in denial about about how much we resent being told what we can say and what we can believe in. The numbers who came out in support of Chick-fil-a should have given them a clue but instead they went into major denial mode and pretended it really didn't happen.

So while they've been fussing about Big Bird, binders, birth control, taxing the "rich" and racism if you are opposed to Obama's policies, the truth is sneaking up on them.
Americans are more concerned about getting and keeping a job, being able to afford gas in order to get to work so that they can support their families and provide a future for their children and grand children. But these concerns have been left behind in the interest of socialist ideology.
Massive crowds have been coming together to support Mitt Romney, Obama not so much this time around.
Not surprisingly the "major media" has been silent on the matter.

Amazing photos: ‘Unreal’ crowd packs Romney rally in Bucks County, Pa.


Mitt's been getting ten times the crowds that the Obamessiah has been able to muster, because voters are tired of empty promises. We want real change....and it's coming in 2 days.
The liberal, commie media won't be able to ignore that.

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