Friday, April 26, 2013


There's some blowback against the perineal pain in conservatives asses from the tinfoil hat brigade of Alex Jones and his minions.

#InfoWarsPickupLines is trending on twitter with most people displaying their disgust with the constant conspiracy drubbing conservatives get from Alex Jones tinfoil hat brigade.

For years we've had to cringe every time AJ's sycophants and basement dwellers emerged with their pointy little heads and screeching little voices bellowing the latest conspiracy involving 9/11, the Bohemian Grove, Illuminati, and accusations of a government "false flag" operation every time evil happens.
What makes it even worse is that they claim they are all patriotic Americans resisting the "gubbermint" and telling the "truth" that the "sheeple" don't see.
They try to attach themselves to true patriotic Americans who want limited government and fiscal sanity.
They claim they are "conservatives" but the truth is that they are far left libertarians looking to smear limited government Americans by trying to attach their fringe beliefs on the conservative movement.

It's getting old and a little tedious, it's time we all pushed back against a very loud minority and take responsibility back.
These clowns are exactly that........clowns, and need to finally be marginalized to the fringes of the Internet where they belong.

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