Monday, April 15, 2013

Liberal Media Speculates on the "Usual Suspects"

So we have this terrible, tragic bombing in Boston today. You just got to feel for the families who are grieving for their loss and the injured. Not much is really known yet but I, like many others, hope that the ones who committed these acts are found quickly and brought to justice.

I've been monitoring various links looking for updates as things move on and have run across the usual tin hatters that seep out of the sewer when something tragic happens. Like Alex Jones taking advantage in order to keep his ad revenue coming in for his websites and ginning up the crazies out there to foam at the mouth at the "ebil gubbermint" and what not.

No surprise there.

But apparently the liberal media are still looking for the "right-wing" extremist that they froth about all the time to gin up their brain dead liberal base.
I found these while looking over Weasel Zippers.
First CNN.

And then the always drooling, intellectually stunted, Obama fluffer Chris Matthews.

They can ignore real news like the Benghazi cover up or the trial of Kermit Gosnell, you know things happening in real time but speculation about "right wing" terrorism without any proof seems to be "news worthy" to them.
No wonder people are flocking to the web and social media like Facebook and twitter to know what's going on in the world.
Cause they sure can't find it from the "mainstream news".

You know no one had to speculate on the tendency of the Occupy movement to have terroristic tendencies seeing as how some had full blown plans to bomb a bridge.

How come tingles never foamed at the mouth about that?

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