Thursday, April 11, 2013

Socialism Goes Mainstream

I grew up in an America that believed in individual achievement and reaching for the stars. My childhood was made up of the formation of NASA and the moon landings, in the belief that with hard work and perseverance someone could achieve almost anything.
The press actually celebrated these virtues.....not anymore.
Now they celebrate just getting by.


Who decides MSNBC how much is "just a little more"?
This is just another attempt by the media to influence those with no ambition to punish those who feel the need to achieve more than what the mediocre society we live in now.
How much is Melissa Harris-Perry willing to give up for equity and social justice?

I mean what the hell is going on? We've gone from "eat the rich" to "screw the meritocracy".
When she's emptied her bank accounts first and impoverishes her own children for equity and social justice then she can talk.
Until then she needs to STFU.

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