Friday, April 19, 2013

Liberal Media Fail Continues

Now that the suspects of the tragic bombing in Boston have been dealt with the next wave of liberal media malfeasance commences.

The Left's Spin on Boston Marathon's Chechen Terrorists

The latest go-to publication of leftist sensibility, Salon, offers a hint of what the left's spin will be on the two Chechen brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon, killing three and maiming scores.
Under the headline, "Chechen Terrorism: What you need to know," Alex Seitz-Wald writes:
Chechnya, a small, predominately Muslim region in the Caucuses between Georgia and the Caspian Sea in Southern Russia, has been a hotbed of separatist violence since the start of the First Chechen war in 1994 -- the same year that Tsarnaev was reportedly born. As Joshua Yaffa, a Moscow-based journalist wrote, The "whole generation knows only conflict."
The Brothers Tsarnaev grew up in an environment of conflict and bloody violence, and are, therefore, victims. They are traumatized, not terrorists -- at least, not terrorists who are motivated by their Muslim faith, even if that seems apparent. Even if it's proven that they have links to Middle Eastern or other Muslim terrorist groups.~snip~
And then there's also this.

 Outrageous!…Immediately Following Arrest of Boston Bomber – Media Weeps for Jihadist Killer

While the liberal media are busy patting themselves on the back for the coverage they've given to the pursuit and capture of these violent jihadists the smears and oblique accusations of a large segment of America shouldn't be forgotten.
The hope that it was white males, tax protesters,  tea partiers or any other right leaning group was almost continual until identification had been made.
Then crickets from the commie media.
The left is desperate to pin a terrorism label on anyone who disagrees with them for the sole purpose of oppressing anyone who disagrees with them and they are extremely aggressive about it.

The liberal media are no longer our friends or even trusted watchdogs against government or corporate corruption, they are no longer a free press. They are owned by the democrat party, unions and liberal special interest groups.

They are simply a hive mind that thinks and responds to their masters and cannot be trusted to report truth anymore.

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