Monday, July 30, 2012

Abandoning "Hope and Change" Dems go for Gay Marriage

So with unemployment staying stagnant at 8% and above for over three years and women and minorities being hardest hit along with the GDP shrinking towards a dribble ,finally the democratic party has a platform that they can really get behind.

Democrats Draft Gay Marriage Platform

Democrats appear ready to embrace same-sex marriage as part of their party platform, a policy shift that reflects an expanded acceptance of gay rights in mainstream politics.
The move would place the party in line with the beliefs of President Obama, who in May became the first sitting president to declare that gay men and lesbians should be able to marry.
Democratic Party officials had squabbled over the issue in the past. But at a platform-drafting meeting over the weekend in Minneapolis, they approved the first step to amend their platform, placing the amendment on track for adoption. In two weeks, the entire platform committee will vote at a meeting scheduled in Detroit. Then, if approved as expected, it would go before convention delegates in Charlotte, N.C., for final passage in early September
Glad to see they got their priorities straight. I guess since they can't seem to do anything about the other stuff they decided to give up on improving the economy and go to something else their good at whining about.

I mean what could be better than having gay married couples join the ranks of families losing their jobs, running out their unemployment insurance benefits, go on food stamps, lose their homes and end up living in over crowded shelters or on the streets?

There's some "equality" for you.

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