Sunday, July 29, 2012

Really? Wasserman Schultz Spins GDP Report

If this is what the DNC considers a turn around then there is no doubt that this country needs new leadership that doesn't have a democrat in it in any way shape or form.
If things are so great then why did CBS's 60 minutes rediscover homelessness again tonight?
Even the lick-spittle liberal media can't cover for the democrats and Obama any longer.
I guess if they remain in a state of denial then they can continue to cripple businesses and industry.

Car dealers fear Obama fuel standards will make new vehicles unaffordable

The White House is expected to OK federal standards in the next few weeks that will nearly double vehicle gas mileage for vehicles by 2025, as automotive dealers warn the changes could slam the recovering retail car industry because they will come with sticker prices that will keep buyers off their lots.
The recommendations call for “fleet wide” gas mileage of 54.4 miles a gallon by 2015 -- essentially the average gas mileage for cars, trucks, vans and all other vehicles in a model year.
The Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration submitted their proposed 2017-2025 fuel-efficiency recommendations in mid-July to the administration’s Office of Management and Budget.

I suppose the answer to the economy is to regulate the middle class out of existence.

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