Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Ron Paul Religion

Of all the things to suddenly appear with the proliferation of the Internet, the most embarrassing has to be Ron Paul and his army of worshippers.

Over the last couple of elections you can't hardly go anywhere where politics is discussed on the web and not have run into an army of irritating paulbots screeching from the liturgy of contrails, trooferism, Bilderbergers and Illuminati conspiracies.

The Ron Paul religion..... a congregation of kooks wrapping themselves in the cloak of patriotism to try and spread the message of Dr. Paul.

Some it must have rubbed off because "Dr. Paul" is engaging in a few conspiracies of his own.

Ron Paul: Romney campaign scared to let me speak at GOP convention
Rep. Ron Paul said that the Republican Party is scared to let him speak at the national convention in Florida next month.
The Texas Republican candidate for president said he thinks the prospects of him having the Tampa platform to energize his “Ronvolution” movement of supporters — who buck traditional GOP staples such as war funding and are in favor of more radical ideas such as auditing the Federal Reserve — intimidates some in the Republican leadership, including former Gov. Mitt Romney’s (R-Mass.) campaign.
“I think the Romney campaign organization is very insecure,” said Paul in an interview with Fox Business News on Friday.
Every time someone proclaims this asshat as a conservative I cringe a little, face facts.....the whole “Ronvolution” is really nothing more than a personality cult. An organized effort by his followers to establish "Dr. Paul" as the panacea for all of Americas ills.
That only through him can we obtain freedom and liberty.
In other words they're proselytizing, trying to establish Ron Paul to others as their central and only belief in America, as our "saviour".
Kind of like Obama supporters placing messianic properties on him.

Sorry folks, conservatives don't need someone to worship...we need someone to lead, which is the main difference between liberals, paulbots and conservatives.

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