Monday, July 2, 2012

Stereotypes of the South Alive and Well

Just a little Boss Hog here, Arkansas Democrat Gene Jeffress plays it for all it's worth trying to sell opposition to Obamacare as racist.
I've lived in Arkansas for about 20 years and found it to be no more or no less racist than anywhere else but it seems that the race card is about the only one that's being played.

Jeffress is pretty typical of the low rent democrat politicians that exist here, making whatever plea they can to get into office and then neglecting their consituents until it's time for the next election. Of course their weapon of choice is to always pander to the rural poor in order to make a case about how "they are just like them" before they go to Washington and collect their perks and insider deals that can make them rich men.
Winning Congress would be like winning the lottery to the likes of Jeffress.
A dispicable little man who is not above using anyone to get out of Arkansas.......kind of like Huckabee, Bill and Hillary.

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