Monday, July 2, 2012

If it Walks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck then it's a Squirrel

All I can say is......sigh.

Tax or penalty? Romney, others still honing message on ObamaCare fine
The Romney campaign attempted Monday to clarify the candidate’s position on what consequence Americans will face for failing to buy health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, saying the candidate considers the fine an “unconstitutional penalty” rather than a tax.
The campaign took the position despite efforts by some Republicans to label the controversial fine a tax -- after the Supreme Court took that position in its ruling last week upholding the law. The Romney campaign, though, also suggested President Obama was trying to have it both ways, by embracing the Supreme Court decision while continuing to call the fine a "penalty" in public.
Mitt Romney's campaign challenged Obama to make a decision -- either call it an unconstitutional penalty or a "constitutional tax," but not both.
The clarification followed senior campaign adviser Eric Fehrnstrom saying earlier in the day that Romney thinks the consequence is a penalty, the same position he took on a similar fine under the statewide health care initiative he instituted as Massachusetts governor.
“The governor has consistently described the mandate in Massachusetts as a penalty,” Fehrnstrom said on MSNBC.
What happens in Massachusetts stays in Massachusetts, there it's considered a penalty. The Supreme Court of the United States says Obamacare is a tax.
It's almost like Mitt doesn't want to win....I gotta ask the question.
Why is it that all we seem to be able to nominate is "reach across the aisle", squishy RINO's?

Romney should be beating team Obama over the head with this.

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