Monday, July 23, 2012

Truth not as easy as ABC

How far does the lies, distortions and willful deceit have to go before the viewers of ABC news have had enough?
Holmes's mother suggests ABC News mischaracterized her statement
"This statement is to clarify a statement made by ABC media. I was awakened by a call from a reporter by ABC on July 20 about 5:45 in the morning. I did not know anything about a shooting in Aurora at that time," Holmes said in a statement this afternoon, read to the national press by attorney Lisa Damiani. "He asked if I was Arlene Holmes and if my son was James Holmes who lives in Aurora, Colorado. I answered yes, you have the right person. I was referring to myself."
"I asked him to tell me why he was calling and he told me about a shooting in Aurora," she continues. "He asked for a comment. I told him I could not comment because I did not know if the person he was talking about was my son, and I would need to find out."
In the first paragraph of its initial report on Friday, ABC News reported that it had identified the correct James Holmes because his mother "told ABC News her son was likely the alleged culprit, saying, 'You have the right person.'"
First they slander the Tea Party and then distort the reaction of the shooters mother.
This ain't journalism anymore it's sensationalism, no wonder they're losing viewers.

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