Monday, July 30, 2012

Nanny Bloomberg Restricts Baby Bottles

Cue the "running amuck" video ....Mayor Bloomberg is at it a

NYC mayor wants hospitals to lock up baby formula to encourage breast-feeding
The nanny state is going after moms.
Mayor Bloomberg is pushing hospitals to hide their baby formula behind locked doors so more new mothers will breast-feed.
Starting Sept. 3, the city will keep tabs on the number of bottles that participating hospitals stock and use — the most restrictive pro-breast-milk program in the nation.

Under the city Health Department’s voluntary Latch On NYC initiative, 27 of the city’s 40 hospitals have also agreed to give up swag bags sporting formula-company logos, toss out formula-branded tchotchkes like lanyards and mugs, and document a medical reason for every bottle that a newborn receives.
There's no doubt in my mind that breast feeding is good for baby's but does government have to poke their nose into something as trivial as counting baby bottles?
I know my wife was exhausted after labor and getting a break just to get some rest was really appreciated.

I suppose with NYC having full employment and a minuscule crime rate Bloomberg doesn't have a whole lot to do.......oh wait!
They have neither of those things.
I think it's time for Nanny Bloomberg to occupy himself with running the city.

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