Thursday, May 30, 2013

CNN's Ashleigh Banfield...Idiot

It never ceases to amaze me how progressive liberal idiots continue to try and make comparisons between Christianity and Islam.
It's just one other way they show their stupidity by demonstrating that they don't know shit about either one.

CNN Anchor Draws Legal Parallel Between Catholic Teacher's Firing and Sharia Law Stoning
Chalk this one up to the absurd. CNN's Ashleigh Banfield on Wednesday tried to draw a legal parallel between a Sharia Law execution and a Catholic school firing a teacher for violating her contract by disobeying church teaching on pregnancy. Banfield argued both violated the teacher's Constitutional rights.
"Well if it's an Islamic school and they decide to go with Sharia Law and they decide to stone me for this, they can't do that either," Banfield ridiculously argued. "Then don't sign up to be the teacher," responded prosecutor Christine Grillo, who multiple times reiterated that the teacher had violated her contract.
The teacher in question, Christa Dias, was fired from her position with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati because she got pregnant through artificial insemination, contrary to the teaching of the Catholic church. Since her contract stipulated that she could not do that, Dias was fired.
Banfield was obviously frustrated with Dias's plight. "At what point, though, do their rules and regulations stomp all over your rights as an American?" she fretted, comparing the firing to segregation.
"Separation of church and state," answered Grillo. "You are deciding to work for a Catholic school. It's just like deciding to attend a Catholic school. You are there – you must abide by the rules and regulations or they are free at will to kick you out."~snip~
There's just so much stupid here I don't even know where to begin, but the first thing that jumps out is the vast difference between being fired from a job and being stoned to death. The former allows you to go out and whine about how your rights have been violated (which they weren't, she signed a contract to behave in a certain manner and didn't so she forfeited her job), the latter just simply allows you to die and then nothing.

I would think that the first thing liberal morons would notice is that that there are all kinds of reasons to kill someone in Islam, Christianity not so much.
Yeah I know all about what supposed Christians did in the middle ages to Jews, witches, muslims etc. but then again that's where their true ignorance really comes in. If they actually understood Christianity then they would know that even though those things were done in it's name, they were nowhere near Christian acts. They were committed by men for power, not for Christ.

CNN needs to quit hiring people to comment on subjects that they know nothing about.
It's embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

Her role is to raise issues and get people thinking. Incidentally, it's means it is. It annoys the he'll out of me when so-called learned folk make basic errors such as this.

systolic said...

Funny thing is these "anchors" seem to think a degree in journalism or a BA in political science qualifies them to be learned on so many subjects.