Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Done Nothing Wrong So I'll Plead the Fifth

Because innocent people refuse to answer questions that may incriminate them.

This is the kind of contempt that the Obama lead IRS has for the citizens it supposedly serves. One thing that everyone forgets is that these are the people who confiscate the fruits of your sweat, labor and intellect with the force of law and a gun if necessary.

The IRS is full of "Lois Lerner" types who suck off the public teat and then abuse their position along with displaying open disdain for the people the are supposed to serve.
Civil service is a stain on our society that should be granted only sparingly and limited in service.
It attracts the least competent and rewards them with perpetual employment on the taxpayers dime.
In other words it's chock full of progressive liberal commies.

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