Thursday, May 16, 2013

Opportunity Lost?

There is an opportunity here for the liberal lapdog main stream  media to redeem themselves for their blatant dereliction and incompetence in failing to properly vet Obama and their insistence on carrying his water for the last 5 years.
Between Benghazi, the IRS targeting opponents to the liberal agenda , the AP scandal and Kathleen Sebelius soliciting "donations" from  health industry officials whom she has direct authority over there should be plenty of  reasons for the press to really look into and expose the malfeasance and corruption of the Obama administration.

The whole idea of the creation of a free press is to have a ready group of watchdogs to watch the powers that be and expose their excesses and corruption to the public in order to keep them accountable to the people.

The next few weeks will tell, they will either continue to hold the administration's feet to the fire and show that they are a press for the people or they will find a way to excuse the violations of trust and transparency by the Obama administration and continue their slobbering love affair with everything Obama.  

They will either be for the people or become partisan political hacks....again.
And we'll either make them answer for it or or give up our right to a free and transparent government.       

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