Sunday, May 19, 2013

Crowley Carrying Water for Obama Again

Candy Crowley is actually trying to put out an excuse of innocence for the IRS's deliberate targeting of groups opposed to the democrats progressive agenda?

When I got out of the service in the mid 70's the civil service had a program that they would hire veterans while they were attending school. I got a minor position at one and let me tell you it was an eye opener. Civil servants don't do squat unless it's authorized by someone above their pay grade.
It's not exactly the kind of career that encourages a lot of independent or original thinking.
Even the ones who finally approve something don't do it without the official okey-dokey of their supervisors.
The idea that it was just a few "rogue" employees is laughable. Even then liberals made up over 90% of government employees in that one agency.

I remember that they were dumbfounded when Jimmy Carter was kicked to the curb, that's how clueless those idiots were.
Handing over Obamacare to agencies that promote incompetents as opposed to firing them is a disaster waiting to happen.     

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