Monday, May 13, 2013

Liberal Paradise Detroit's Future Bleak

There are so many examples in our country of what happens to communities when liberalism runs amuck.

What was once a great city now is a festering cesspool.

Report by emergency manager says Detroit's finances are crumbling, future is bleak

Detroit is broke and faces a bleak future given the precarious financial path it's on, according to a new report out by the city's state-appointed emergency manager.
The report was released late Sunday by bankruptcy attorney Kevyn Orr and is his first on Detroit's finances since officially taking the job in March.
Under state law, the report was due within 45 days of Michigan's newest emergency manager law taking effect. Orr's spokesman Bill Nowling had warned last week that the report was an early look at Detroit's fiscal condition and would not be glowing.
The summation is the latest blow to the city which came under state oversight in March when Gov. Rick Snyder selected Orr to handle Detroit's finances. Then, the city estimated its budget deficit to be about $327 million. Detroit also has struggled over the past year with cash flow, relying on bond money held by the state to pay some of its bills.
But Orr reports that Detroit's net cash position was negative $162 million as of April 26 and that the projected budget deficit is expected to reach $386 million in less than two months.
He also warns that the city's financial health might change as more data is collected and analyzed.
"What is clear, however, is that continuing along the current path is an ill-advised and unacceptable course of action if the city is to be put on the path to a sustainable future."~snip~
I find it truly astonishing that there are so many in this country that wants this kind of rot and corruption for the entire nation.
Detroit is a canary in the mine type warning of what will happen to all of us if progressive policies aren't stopped and then reversed.
If not it will be generations before we will be able to dig ourselves out of liberalisms misguided ideas.

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