Friday, August 2, 2013

Obama's Edicts for the Little People

This is something that has always irritated the hell out of me.
The ways the lofty politicians find to exempt themselves from the laws they pass that apply to the rest of us.

Obama Grants Congress Obamacare Reprieve
The Obama administration has granted members of Congress and their staffers an exemption from a provision of Obamacare that could have cost them thousands of dollars a year in added health insurance costs, according to Politico.
Congress currently allots itself generous health coverage through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Nearly 75 percent of premiums are taken care of. But under Obamacare, our representatives and their worker bees will be thrown onto the health care exchanges like millions of Americans – without the FEHB subsidy. Fair is fair, right?
Well, just two days after Obama assured Democratic lawmakers he was on the case – though make no mistake, many Republicans want action too – the administration has ruled that while Congress must hit the exchanges, the subsidy for their insurance will continue.
It’s good to be the king. And it’s good to be the nobility too.
Most politicians have made themselves rich while in office way beyond what a lot of us have been able to accumulate.
So why do a bunch of millionaires continue to be exempted from the same costs that any other person making over the threshold for subsidies gets?

Obamacare will be an albatross around the neck of every citizen in this country but as long as our "rulers" avoid being drug down with the rest of us they will never be able to share our pain or pass legislation to correct this boondoggle.

I can't believe that out of 350 million people in this country the current crop of thieves is the best we can do.

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Third News said...

Every move they makes bring this closer to a disaster. Sometimes, impolitic moves bring about good results.