Sunday, August 25, 2013

Watching the Hive Mind at Work

Here's something I saw over at Weasel Zippers today.
Transgender Woman Freaks Out After Being Called A “Lady”…

Weasel Zippers found this story of "outrage" at the liberal/commie website Raw Story which if you read through the site "Raw Sewage" would actually be more appropriate.
The guy in the story arguing for a little common sense is the president of which the SPLC has has given their "hate group" award to.
To the SPLC pretty much anyone who doesn't tow the liberal/commie line is a "hate group", hell they've used it so much that it really doesn't mean much any more.

The thing that struck me though is not really the story, I mean we all know what kind of spin this garbage will get, but the comments. More specifically the liberal/retarded comments. (Now when I say retarded I'm not talking about developmentally disabled, I'm talking about people who's thinking processes have become retarded to the point of being incomprehensible. It's a perfectly acceptable word for what a portion of the public has become. We ought to give some thought to repurposing it for use to describe liberals.)

Anyway, most of the comments consisted of hurling words like "bigot", "ignorant", "haters" and the false word homophobes. There's really not a whole lot of logic presented about why...for instance it makes sense for members of the opposite sex to comingle in restrooms. Or why it's OK for boys to be on girls basketball teams or why, if a girl demands it, to be a tackle on the school football team.
The problems inherent in this kind of anarchy just doesn't seem to register on the pro Transgender crowd.

Nope all they got pretty much is nonsensical insults to anyone who may question the wisdom of allowing those who are confused about their gender to do whatever they want because they feel like it and to hell with the consequences.
They can't put together a cognizant argument to justify the rights that they demand, all they got is name calling.
How can we be losing the culture to these morons?
Truth is that they get their way by throwing little fits of rage and are enabled by low substance websites that allow their rantings and name calling to remain out there for everyone to see.
Social change nowadays isn't being made by reasoned debate, it's being made by shutting down the opposition.
I wonder what it will take for real Americans to push back?

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