Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So Who Needs CNN, NBC?

I've been kind of reading about the whole deal where the RNC has pretended they have a back bone and sent a letter to CNN and NBC telling them to ditch plans for their slobber fests for Hillary Clinton.
Or there'll be no debates.

Yeah right, the same RNC that supports squishy RINOs like John McCain and Lindsey Graham . You know, the 2 weasels who have spent their careers kissing the behinds of the liberal/commie media and their fellow travelers in the democrat party.
I'm not talking about kissing the well washed  periphery either but the soft gooey center.

Media is changing, the Washington Post was sold at around 25% of what it sold for previously. Liberal media is losing advertisers and readers daily due to the rise in alternatives. "Journalists" no longer have a monopoly over the way people get their news anymore. More people are wanting "reporters" to give them just the facts, not tell us what we should think it means.

So why the hell does the RNC let them dictate the medium and conditions?
 I would think that after the total embarrassment that is Candy Crowley happened they would be seriously rethinking allowing the communist news networks to decide how to present the message.

Truth is if conservatives are going to stick with the RNC then some changes need to happen, the liberal/commie networks need the RNC more than the RNC needs them.
Crawling to the biased media to get our message heard only gives them legitimacy that they don't deserve, and allowing them to dictate conditions gives them power that they can misuse.

We don't need them but they do need us, maybe it's time for the RNC to push back and tell the liberal/commie media how it's going to be instead of the other way around.

If they can do that then there's hope they'll abandon squishy RINOs and get behind some candidates that people will be willing to support for a change.

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