Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Slapping Down the Clowns

So I been reading about the "Great Obama Clown" controversy at the Missouri state fair, you know the one that the liberal/commie media and the democrats ginned up so they can all go into outrage mode.
I gotta tell you it's finally sunk to the theater of the absurd.
One clown banned for life, all the others ordered to sensitivity training not to mention the forced resignations, along with some republican RINO's playing the faux outrage card. (why in the world do people elect these morons?)

One of the things they seem to object to is the "suggestion of violence" towards Obama. along with the "disrespect".

Of course these same liberal/commie democrats didn't seem to be shocked with a movie of suggested assassination towards George W. Bush nor was there a whole lot of outrage over images like this.

Thing is all this controversy is simply an effort by the liberal/commie media to provide an object lesson to the rest of the country. To play the offended party to show us all that they basically have us by the cojones' and we sure as hell better fall in line or there will be consequences. Ya know like the IRS mistreating us or Paula Deen losing everything she worked for because.....well because liberal/commies feel like it.

Pretty soon they'll be comparing criticism of Obama to publishing cartoons of Mohammed but instead of "beheading" people literally they'll do it figuratively. But destroying your business, or making you unemployable and marginalizing you from society.
Kind of a modern day shunning.

This is what we have to look forward to if this country continues to support these elitist liberal/commie fops.


Third News said...

And a rodeo clown performance was done with a George Bush "dummy" when he was in office too -It is a common act

systolic said...

Pointing that out makes you racist you know.

Third News said...

Holy cow! A blog friend called me mean earlier in the week, and now this? ;-(