Saturday, August 17, 2013

In Search of the Truth

One of the stories starting to emerge from the unrest in Egypt is the apparent accusation by the Egyptian government of the media reporting on the events with a bias towards the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt Rebukes Foreign Press for 'Biased' Coverage
CAIRO--As Egyptian security forces moved to end a bloody standoff with supporters of Egypt's ousted president on Saturday, government officials were assailing a different foe: the Western media and critical foreign governments.
In a statement emailed in English to foreign correspondents Saturday, the Egyptian State Information Service rebuked reporters for what it called "biased coverage" that it said privileged supporters of Mohammed Morsi over the security services who have been fighting them.
The SIS also castigated the foreign press for not paying enough attention to attacks on Christians and Islamists' "intimidation" of ordinary Egyptian citizens.

"Egypt is feeling severe bitterness towards some Western media coverage that is biased to the Muslim Brotherhood and ignores shedding light on violent and terror acts that are perpetrated by this group in the form of intimidation operations and terrorizing citizens," said the unsigned statement.~snip~
There's also been reports by journalists of intimidation and violence towards them on twitter. I ain't seeing a whole lot of sympathy for the liberal/commie media in comments.
I ain't havin a lot of sympathy for them either.
The leaning of the American press towards terrorist, like Hamas and Hezbollah, with their lionization of the anti-semitic pro-Palestinian hag Helen Thomas is just a small reminder that the media is this country no longer has any interest in truth telling.
The examples I could give are numerous, starting with their failure to fully vet the one candidate that needed to be vetted in 2007 to the current distractions they report on to keep the Obama failures from the public consciousness.
Like Sydney Leathers, rodeo clowns, St. Skittles, 30 year old racist statements and "binders full of women".
For me anymore the way I can tell if the liberal media is lying is if their lips are moving or if their printing something. At one time, decades ago, while the media played fast and loose with the facts you could at least count on there being some truth in what they report.
Not anymore.

It's made me realize that with the filter of the liberal/commie media we don't really know what's going on in Egypt anymore because we can't count on them reporting just the facts.
The Egyptian people ain't swallowing the malarky.
I'm old enough to know a couple of facts though, one is that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization and when it comes to corrupt regimes being democratically elected that doesn't mean fair.
Our media is trying to depict the MB as victims of the Egyptian military when I'm sure that the real truth is that the Egyptian military are only trying to help the people correct a mistake.

That is the story that the media should be reporting.


Third News said...

Beer and football should be banned :-)

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Pretty extreme position, there wouldn't be any excuse for men to ignore their wives then.

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I'm not banning porn -stop bellyache