Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sydney Leathers Endorses.......

....who the hell really cares?

Sydney Leathers backs Anthony Weiner rival
New York City mayoral candidate Christine Quinn just picked up an interesting endorsement — from Sydney Leathers, the young woman at the other end of the phone in the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal.
When asked by Complex magazine whom she would vote for in the mayoral race, Leathers said that Quinn is an “easy” choice.
Obviously, she doesn’t have the impulse control problems that Anthony has. I love the fact that she is out and proud. I have so many gay friends, and I feel like she would be a great ally for that community. She cares about middle-class people. She cares about students. I feel like she is more in line and up to the standard that should be set for the mayor,” said the 23-year-old, who is now appearing in an X-rated film referencing the Weiner scandal.
Says the skank who's willing to do anything to keep her 15 minutes going. Another in a long line of talent-less bimbos who've gotten more press than they deserve.

I mean it really sickens me to even bring her up but lets face it, the liberal/commie media sticking this kind of crap in our faces is part of their plan to constantly distract us from the serious problems that their anointed one and his cabinet are doing to this country.
Again we're being poorly served by the so-called "watch dogs" against corruption, malfeasance and despotism of our government.

Instead of getting answers about Benghazi, the IRS terrorizing people who oppose Obama, fast and furious, the deficit, the shrinking jobs market and the decimation of the middle class we get to hear about Sydney Leathers opinion and breathlessly told about her plans to do porno.

We need to demand better from the media or find alternatives, let the lemmings have Weiner and Leathers.


third News said...

"Says the skank"

He is without sin cast the first stone.

Why is this 23-year old to blame for media's refusal to investigate Benghazi, the IRS...?

systolic said...

Reading is fundamental.
What is the medias fascination with no talent bimbos?

Third News said...

Hmm, I'd need to time-travel back to the Neolithic Age and ask the artist why he was cave painting sexually-suggestive gossip or I can venture a guess: testosterone

systolic said...

I suppose my point wasn't clear.
To me this kind of stuff is appropriate for People magazine or the Enquirer. Beyond reporting Weiners virtual indiscretion this frumps opinions IMO has no place being spewed by the so-called legitimate media.

BTW I also agreed with Rush that Sandra Fluke is a slut seeking to get others to foot the bill for her promiscuity.

Third News said...

Media mimics the 'National Inquirer' model of journalism because the public chooses to read that style.

Sandra Fluke was a useful idiot; I don't care if she is, or was slutty, she just needs to pay for her own birth control.

An addict name-calling is amusing

systolic said...

Rather flip to dismiss truth because of a prior addition.
To quote:

He is without sin cast the first stone.

Pretty selective determining whose poor decisions deserve to follow them around ain't it?

Third News said...

I'm not sure what you mean to convey by your last remark?

"He is without sin cast the first stone" is a reference to the over-sexualization in our society.

Girls are constantly subjected to T&A photos -try going to any conservative site, most often, if they don't have an 'eye candy' pages, they have the blogger links.

Factually, public "skanks" are commercially profiting, and 'reality TV star' has become an acceptable career for girls -perhaps, even boys?

As for Rush, he's a recovering addict and I believe in his 1st to speak and write as he wishes. Though, my observation of addicts is that their recognition of 'but for grace there I go again ' makes them uncomfortable in branding others, and most often the practice indicates a slip in their own sobriety.

The political discourse isn't returning Americans to our roots -The magnificence in our following our Constitution- partially because of name-calling instead of discussing the facts on the subject. It is evident of a weak mind, or perhaps just corrupted by hate, or drugs when a person resorts to the ever-popular "racist", "slut", "whore"...

systolic said...

I don't know where you've been since Obama first won but "political discourse" has been sinking further into the sewer.
It came about when some folks raised their objections to some of the "ideas" presented and were immediately met with the labels "haters" and "racist".
There can be no discourse when opposing views aren't even being aired.

Myla Voyoviche said...

You did not see it? I advise that to you... Before to speak about it look at it -

systolic said...

Link doesn't work for me and I'll be damned if I'll pay for it.