Friday, January 3, 2014

Gays Shocked Someone Could be Fired for their Beliefs

I read this rambling post at deadspin this morning and just knew the usual suspects would come crawling out of their internet holes for a dose of mind numbing hypocrisy.

I Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot

It's a long read but in a nutshell Chris Kluwe, the former punter for the Minnesota Vikings claims he was fired by big meanies because he spoke out for gay marriage. Oh and he also allegedly had to suffer through hateful mean talk about he says.

The Vikings are of course investigating in order to hold off the professional grievance groups who will call for the heads of everyone involved culminating in re-education camps.

Because being an advocate for gay marriage just has to be the only reason he was let go...right?
Not so fast, here's an article from ESPN (not exactly a "right wing" cheerleader) that lays out the real reasons that Kluwes time may have been up for the vikings.

Most important of Chris Kluwe's allegations
~snip~From the top, Kluwe was not released in April 2013 solely because he advocated for gay rights, no matter the portrait he painted in the piece. A more objective explanation, as we discussed at the time, would note that he was a 31-year-old veteran who had produced a below-average performance in 2012 based on the criteria the Vikings most valued. He was entering the final year of his contract, one that carried no salary cap hit if he were released, and was playing for a team that had been systematically replacing older players with younger ones. 
If anything, Kluwe's advocacy was the final push off the plank. Fair or otherwise, NFL teams don't have much tolerance for middling performers who draw more attention off the field than on it, be it for social causes or television commercials. Kluwe's stated confidence that his "activism was the reason I got fired" is a convenient storyline, one that has already drawn a great deal of attention, but it isn't supported by the full set of facts.~snip~ 
Once again it would seem that a business decision was made entirely independent of the accusations.
Were "homophobic" slurs uttered?
He "says" they were but until it's verified by the Vikings investigation everyone needs to take a deep breath. I mean lets face it, the track record on these kinds of allegations ain't that good.

I got a feeling that the half life on this, another allegation and faux outrage, won't be near as long as they used to be.

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