Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mike Huckabee and the Great Divide

I'm not a fan of Mike Huckabee at all. As a matter of fact I lived in Arkansas when he was governor and I can tell you the most dangerous place to be is between him and the lens of a camera. Self promotion was his most pressing policy.
That said the current uproar over his remarks about how the democrats see women touches on just a small part of how democrats manipulate the people in this country for partisan gain.

The liberal/commie/progressives use division as their stock in trade to frighten or whip up envy to keep their voters in line.
Women against men, straights against gays, the poor vs. the "rich", people of European descent against people of color and just about any other difference they can find that they can exploit to pit people against each other.
What Huckabee was talking about was just one of the many ways the democrats have used to divide and conquer in their own quest for power and wealth.
It's past time for them to be called on it and laid bare for everyone to see instead of the liberal elite parsing and distorting what the point actually is.

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