Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Obamacare Pain on the Way

With more of Obama's broken promises on the way the New York Times seems appalled that democrats might be held accountable.

Ads Attacking Health Law Stagger Outspent Democrats
 WASHINGTON — Democrats are increasingly anxious about an onslaught of television ads hitting vulnerable Senate and House candidates for their support of the new health law, since many lack the resources to fight back in the early stages of the midterm campaign.
Since September, Americans for Prosperity, a group financed in part by the billionaire Koch brothers, has spent an estimated $20 million on television advertising that calls out House and Senate Democrats by name for their support of the Affordable Care Act.
The unusually aggressive early run of television ads, which has been supplemented by other conservative initiatives, has gone largely unanswered, and strategists in both parties agree it is taking a toll on its targets.

Building on the success, the deep-pocketed organization disclosed on Tuesday that it was expanding its Senate efforts with $1.8 million in airtime to attack Democratic House members running for the Senate in Iowa and Michigan, where Democrats are viewed as holding an early advantage. The group was also moving into Montana, a state where Democrats may struggle to defend a seat, on behalf of a Republican House member running for the Senate.
Campaign experts said they believe that the early advertising blitz has driven down the support for Senate incumbents in highly competitive states such as Louisiana and North Carolina that are critical to the Democratic Party’s push to hold its majority.~snip~
 Of course the spin here is that it's the "evil" Koch brothers who are financing this attack on vulnerable democrats by pointing out the fact that each one of them supported and voted for a job killing, economy destroying piece of legislation regardless of the damage it does.

Seems to me if they were so proud to vote for it they shouldn't have any problem owning it and having it pointed out to voters every chance they get.
They should be thankful to the Koch brothers for reminding everyone.


i am covertress said...

I'm thankful to the Koch brothers for reminding everyone.

Money well spent, fellas.

systolic said...

In my opinion every time and anywhere a democrat speaks the first words people should hear is that democrats voted for Obamacare.