Friday, January 3, 2014

Putting the Brakes on "Global Warming"

These are some of the headlines on Drudge tonight. Sorry but I'm not seeing a whole lot of warming.
I've been breathing air for close to 60 years and lived in the northeast for quite a bit of that and the truth is winter has always been cold.
Some years were colder than others and some warmer, in cycles. Unfortunately the followers of the church of Al Gore the I won't be dissuaded by the cyclic character of weather patterns because the scientific "consensus" is built on grant money.
Whoever lies the best about preconceived results get the most and this is what liberal/commies want to base the redistribution of wealth based on carbon credits on.

In the mean time the weather continues on in cycles oblivious to the acolytes of the church of Al Gore the I and their constant crying for Gia in an attempt to extort tax payers money.

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