Thursday, January 2, 2014

Like a Dog With a Bone

I remember seeing this in the wake of the velvet mafias attempt to lie, manipulate and extort A&E over the comments made by Phil Robertson in the GQ hit piece about Duck Dynasty.

After trying to distort what the guy actually said, even though the article was there for all the world to see, they pretty much got spanked in the arena of public opinion after A&E backed down.
For whatever reason.

Of course the militant gay agitators couldn't let it go and pick another battle, they immediately started to scour the web looking for some kind of smoking gun to use against Phil Robertson.
This is the best they could find.

Even though CNN's phony controversy hasn't even been able to pick up traction at MSNBC, that hasn't stopped the left-wing cable news network from attempting to manufacture more trouble for Phil Robertson and "Duck Dynasty." But why would we expect anything less from the same network that fabricated evidence to frame a working-class Hispanic man?
The CNN report below, covering Robertson's humorous relaying of marriage advice, is taken ultra-seriously by the CNN correspondent, and asks, "What is the tipping point to getting kicked off the air?"
Does CNN not hear the crowd laughing? It is obvious that Robertson is going for laughs. That doesn't mean he isn't trying to make a point (his wife was 16 when they married) but there is no question he is performing and exaggerating to entertain a crowd that is entertained.~snip~
A little tongue in cheek marital advice that nobody is taking seriously.
Well except for the the same group that tells everybody what morality and Christianity really is, you know those ultra tolerant  gays rights activists.
How have we gotten to the point that the least moral and Christian among us are defining what it is to be either?
What's really funny is that despite they're proclamations of evil wrong doing, again, the video is available and people can make their own determination about it.
Hair is being pulled and teeth are being gnashed and no one cares.

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