Monday, April 21, 2014

Banning Scouting in California

There used to be a time when having "Boy Scout" on your resume' was considered a good thing. To belong to an organization that promoted the virtues of honesty and truth. 
But now it seems it's just another thing from your past that can haunt you.

Calif. moves to ban judges affiliated with Boy Scouts
California is proposing to ban members of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) from serving as judges because the Boy Scouts do not allow gay troop leaders, The Daily Caller has learned.
In a move with major legal implications, The California Supreme Court Advisory Committee on The Code of Judicial Ethics has proposed to classify the Boy Scouts as practicing “invidious discrimination” against gays, which would end the group’s exemption to anti-discriminatory ethics rules and would prohibit judges from being affiliated with the group.
“The Committee’s invitation ignores the fact that the change also encompasses other youth organizations whose membership is limited on the basis of gender, e.g., the Girl Scouts, as well as the military, which continues to practice ‘discrimination’ on the basis of gender,” wrote Catherine Short, legal director of the pro-life group Life Legal Defense Foundation, in a letter to the Committee obtained by TheDC that predicts possible implications for pro-life judges in the future.
“Perhaps this is not an unintended consequence,” wrote Short.~snip~
 I think what we're seeing is a template for the future when the groups and organizations that our parents and grandparents belonged to and benefited from will be "purged" from society.
The leftist communists are not content to simply marginalize groups that foment hate and bigotry (groups that originated from the democrat party itself, the KKK just changed it's name to the DNC.) they now want to go after those whose thoughts and beliefs are contrary to theirs. Like the article states , there may eventually(likely) be  a move to purge people with pro-life leanings who ever spoke out in the past about high taxes or government overreach. There are probably issues the commie/leftists haven't even gotten around to yet that people will lose their job over.
Like calling someone "bossy".
It's kind of alarming that people in the future will have to be anxious about what in their past can be used against them.
Whoever thought that repeating the Scout Oath or the Scout Law could cause you to be banned from being a judge?

A look into the near future.

Liberals Announce Plan to 'Purge' Christians
~snip~But as you read the article a frightening reality quickly rises to the surface. It's neither funny nor untrue. None of it. The cultural Marxist American left is 100-percent serious about "purging" Christians from society.
They're as serious as Josef Stalin's heart attack.~snip~

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