Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Poll on "Gay Marriage" Doesn't Show What We've Been Told

We've constantly been told through mostly the dinosaur liberal/commie media, that is in the back pocket of gay activists btw, that attitudes about homosexuas are changing.
Even though just about every time "gay marriage" has been put to a vote it fails miserably.

That's why the current trend for "gay activists" is to bypass the referendum process, shop around for a liberal judge, and do a run around of the voters.
So now the GOP has decided that it's an irrelevant issue that is costing them votes.
So you wonder what the RNC will make of this poll?

  GOP poll defies tide on gay marriage
Two conservative groups are pushing back on moves by the GOP to drop opposition to same-sex marriage from party platforms, releasing a poll of base voters taken last month that found in favor of defining marriage as “only” between a man and a woman.
The poll, commissioned by groups led by conservatives Gary Bauer and Tony Perkins, runs counter to a wide variety of opinion polls that show movement on the question of same-sex marriage, with more voters favoring it than opposing it.
Last week, the Nevada GOP removed opposition to same-sex marriage from its platform, with the state chairman saying the move was indicative of where the party is headed.
The survey by the GOP polling firm Wilson Research Strategies was of Republican and Republican-leaning independents and was taken over a month ago, sampling 801 people nationwide from March 18 through 20, with a 3.5 percent margin of error.
The survey showed 82 percent agreeing with a statement that marriage should be between “one man and one woman.” It also found that 75 percent disagreed that “politicians should support the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples.”~snip~
First off if there was a "tide" for "gay marriage" it would hardly need to be taken out of the hands of the voters and placed in the courts.
But another thing that should trouble the republican party is the wide margin of "Republican and Republican-leaning independents" who favor traditional marriage.
Now commie/leftist/liberals ridicule the poll because it focused on the groups "Republican and Republican-leaning independents" because being the self-centered, narcissistic boobs that they are, they believe their opinion matters. Even though they wouldn't vote for a republican to save their mothers life.
What should matter to the RNC is the opinion of voters who are most likely to vote for them. The best chance for that to happen is if they pay attention to the actual thoughts and opinions of their constituents as opposed to what the commie/liberal mainstream media tells them what we think.
Trying to move towards the democrat platform is what cost the RNC and Mitt Romney last time. Voters want to see a clear choice between returning to responsible governance and the politics of division that's been shoved down our throats.

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