Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why we can't have nice things

Ugh, you know the thing is people expect this kind of behaviour from leftist/commie/liberals because everyone knows they're degenerate perverts and proud of it.
I can't think of any democrat who ran on family values or promises of upholding morality. I mean after all, they don't promise that there is anything decent about themselves at all.
That's why idiots like this give us a black eye...because leftist/commie/liberals just can't wait to pull out the hypocrisy card.

News-Star exclusive: McAllister says he's 'ashamed,' asking for forgiveness
Freshman 5th District U.S. Rep Vance McAllister, R-Swartz, said Monday night he doesn’t intend to resign despite the release of a video showing him kissing a woman who isn’t his wife.
McAllister, in an exclusive interview with The News-Star, said he has asked his wife Kelly and their five children for forgiveness and plans to stand for re-election next fall.
“I have fallen short as a husband and a father, and I feel more ashamed than you can imagine,” said McAllister, R-Swartz. “I’ve asked them for forgiveness, and I’m asking forgiveness from my constituents who elected me to serve them.”~snip~
If the guy had any real decency he'd step down and save conservatives the embarrassment of having him thrown in our faces. Course decency is a ship that's already sailed.
We don't need any more smooth talkers in politics, what we need are leaders who will walk the talk.

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