Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Global Warming and Baked Beans

Flatulence.... the bane of the planet.
Of all the multitudes of
ginned up fear based results of "climate change" they pale in comparison to the solutions.

People should eat fewer baked beans as the flatulence they produce contributes to global warming, a minister has suggested.
A Labour peer raised the issue during questions in the House of Lords earlier today, saying that Britons eat more baked beans than any other country and raising concerns over "smelly emissions".
Climate change minister Baroness Verma responded by urging the public to 'moderate' their behaviour on this 'important' issue.
Labour's Viscount Simon asked: "In a programme some months ago on the BBC, it was stated that this country has the largest production and consumption of baked beans in the world.
"Can the noble Baroness say whether this affects the calculation of global warming by the Government as a result of the smelly emission resulting therefrom?"
Baroness Verma described the Viscount's question as "so different", but said that he raised "an important point" and appeared to suggest that people should moderate their consumption of the product.
Baked beans are especially popular in the UK and Ireland, where they are a staple part of the traditional full English breakfast. In Britain, they are commonly made by stewing beans in a tomato and sugar sauce, and are notorious for their ability to induce flatulence.~snip~
I know there are a lot of people out there who don't want to hear this but in the 60 years I've been alive weather has continuously changed. Some years were cooler and some were warmer. As a matter of fact I remember a time when books were published warning everyone of a new ice age.
For some reason that never caught, on inducing panic among the masses that we would all freeze to death if we didn't warm up the planet.
Of course a little flatulence in sub-zero temperatures would be a welcome moment of warmth. Baked beans would be all the rage then.

Well just in case some people out there ain't puckering their anus tight enough to avoid the cataclysm of baked bean induced global warming here's a partial list of things caused partly by smelly emissions.

Read and panic at your own leisure.

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