Sunday, April 20, 2014

SPLC Continues Conning the Public

There's this weird idea out there that the Southern Poverty Law Center actually cares about civil rights and "hate" in America. 
Truth is that they're simply a money generating machine that uses slander and leftist sensibilities to scare people into donating.
Their list of "anti-government groups or militias" is pretty laughable.

Record number of anti-government militias in USA
Radical anti-government "patriot" groups and militias, galvanized against gun control, will continue to grow even as the number of groups operating in the USA reached an all-time high in 2012, a report Tuesday by the Southern Poverty Law Center finds.
The center tracked 1,360 radical militias and anti-government groups in 2012, an eightfold increase over 2008, when it recorded 149 such groups. The explosive growth began four years ago, sparked by the election of President Obama and anger about the poor economy, the center says. That growth is likely to continue as the groups recruit more members with a pro-gun message, the center's senior fellow Mark Potok said.~snip~
They've in essence reduced anyone who believes in the second amendment or limited government as a "radical".  Believing in certain amendments of the constitution  like say the first, the fourth or the fifth is OK but believing in the second makes you an anti-government loon.
I'm not anti-government, I'm anti-over reaching government. Being a "Patriot" is not a dirty word and when the hell are Americans going to push back against media organizations who use the SPLC as a source for anything.
The SPLC is nothing but a self serving group of leftist goons and the liberal media are basically acting as their fund raising organization.
We need to stop buying into it.

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