Monday, April 7, 2014

Support for WinXP ends

Tomorrow will be the end of support for Window XP, where Microsoft forces you to basically upgrade to it's newest OS.
Here's a link for more information, what to expect and what your alternatives are.

Tech Tips: A guide to upgrading, using XP computer
NEW YORK — Microsoft retires its 12-year-old Windows XP operating system on Tuesday. Even so, there are still millions of XP computers out there. Here’s what to do if you own one of them:
What happens Tuesday?~snip~
I've got another machine with Win7 installed so I'll be moving to that one tomorrow but I suppose sometime this year I'll buy a new computer with Windows 8 . I've read some good and bad reviews on Windows 8 but I'm sure it'll just be a matter of getting used to something a little different.
I'm not really sure what I'll do with my current XP computer, maybe I'll install Linux on it but truth is I'm not really excited about going that way so I suppose it'll really end up in the back of a closet somewhere gathering dust.

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