Friday, April 18, 2014

Vaccines, Victims of their own Success

There's been a lot of noise recently about vaccines for children and celebrities who advocate skipping them for various reasons.  Along with Jenny McCarthy, Alicia Silverstone has jumped on the crazy train of vaccine deniers.

Miso soup to prevent measles? Why Alicia Silverstone is feeding her two-year-old son a plant-based diet instead of getting him vaccinated

There's really not much to quote there because what she believes is basically ditzy crap.
Although this attitude doesn't surprise me mainly because vaccines have been so successful.
When I was growing up I met kids my own age who were victims of polio who had wasted limbs, for the rest of their lives. They couldn't participate in sports or run away from girls or after boys, they got to wear braces on their legs and a few related tales about older or younger siblings who lost their lives to polio.
I also met adults with terrible scars on their faces from smallpox with similar stories about relatives they had lost to smallpox.
You don't see those things much anymore, mostly because of vaccinations smallpox has been eradicated in the world and polio is not far behind. So far anyway.
I've also had mumps,chickenpox and measles. Conditions I wouldn't wish on anyone because they are miserable diseases and can be fatal as well.

Because of vaccines mumps,chickenpox and measles are not common. There are no more "contagious parties" where parents would take their kids to expose them to "get it over with" because for the most part it was one and done.
Because of vaccines people don't have to be exposed to the misery and suffering that these diseases cause.
That's why these celebutards can get away with spewing this stuff. If they were exposed to family and friends who suffered or where lost due to these diseases then I seriously doubt they would be giving bad advice on how to protect your children.

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