Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Corrupt Medias Echo Chamber

I'm sure everyone's seen the news about Brandeis and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
Basically it's another cowardly capitulation to a vocal sub minority raising a stink because they can.
CAIR is probably one of the most subversive organizations in this country who pretty much is opposed to any information about Islam, radical or not although the lines are pretty blurred, getting out to the masses unless they approve of it.
But you got to ask yourself why do they have this kind of power over the free dissemination of information?

The reason is simple, they have he ear of the corrupt liberal/commie mainstream media.
I mean really, who else but a red diaper wearing liberal reporter would wet their pants over what a bunch of terrorist apologists think about any issue?
This is something that has been going on since Obama and his minions entered office, for some reason the liberal pantywaists in the mainstream media have been emboldened to the point that they amplify these sub minorities grievances to a point that low information voters believe there is some kind of consensus of unfairness.
They've hit every group they can think of, gays, Muslims, women, minorities. Any group that they believe will divide Americans and give democrats the opportunity to ride in and save them.
They're trying to create pockets of dependency for the commie/liberals to exploit.
And to many Americans are falling for it.

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